Audra & Chris | Girona, Spain

I’m a big believer in serendipity. One doesn’t photograph 150 weddings and hear thousands of stories of random chance, fleeting moments and strokes-of-luck that blossomed into a lifetime together without forming some kind of belief in it. Serendipity is a powerful thing…I can assure you of that. So when I decided to change my life in May this year, and move from Sydney to the town of Girona, Spain, it was the simple idea that ‘Things will work out for the best’ which kept me going.

Enter Chris and Audra. A beautiful couple from Virginia in the United States who happened to email me a couple of months after I arrived:

“Hi Tristan, we're getting married outside Girona, Spain and are looking for a photographer. We noticed that your website shows ‘Based in Girona’ in the header, but everything else seems to indicate that you're in Australia. If you are in Spain, we may be interested in having you shoot for us!”

Fast forward a few more emails, and as I got to know Audra and Chris through lines such as “We want to be surrounded by a sea of loving chaos” and “We’re taking a big gamble by choosing to get married overseas, but sometimes it’s riskier not to risk..” I realised they were my kind of people. I moved to the other side of the world for a more adventurous life, and here I was chatting to a couple who’s wedding plans revolved around the same idea. Serendipity, some might call it. 

Chris and Audra were married in the Vall de Llemana just outside Girona, Spain, surrounded by 23 of their family and friends. What follows is my take on the day.

Thank you both, so much, for having me.

A few favourites...

All of the favourites...