Eva & Louis | Currawong

“There are just two rules.” Louis told me when he called me to ask if I would shoot his wedding with Eva, “No flash allowed, and make sure there’s a person in every shot”. That suited me perfectly, and Louis knew it. I said bye and hung up the phone, ecstatic.

You see, when Louis told me he was getting married, I knew the wedding would be my kind of gig. Louis and I had worked together in the past and I knew his style: if it wasn’t laid back, enjoyable, stylish and sincere, he wouldn’t want to be a part of it. But how does one capture the wedding of a wedding photographer? It did eventually dawn on me that this might turn out to be tougher than I had initially thought, and that I’d actually thrown myself in the deep end.

Eva and Louis held their wedding at Currawong Beach in Pittwater, north of Sydney. With no access by car and days of rain scheduled leading up to the day, it took them, their families and a number of friends (not to mention an amazingly dedicated caretaker) a few soaking-wet boat rides to haul across everything needed for the weekend. Once there, however, the place felt like home.

When Eva and Louis were married, I witnessed something special. Actually that’s not quite correct; I was lucky enough to be part of something incredible. Photographing a photographers wedding wasn’t difficult, it wasn’t nerve racking, and thanks to Eva, Louis and every guest I had the pleasure of chatting to, I felt every part a guest as well. My only hope is that these photos go some way to explaining how special the day was.

*Disclaimer: I did actually break both of Louis’ rules in photographing his wedding. But only a couple of times, I promise…

Earlier that day...