Arunan & Anna | Album Preview

Arunan and Anna's album arrived from the printer this morning and I just had to share it. It's 11 inches square with a rich red cover, silver debossing on the cover and has 26 spreads inside. Mischa clearly agrees it's the bees knees, too...

Leeanna & Ziggy | Coogee

So it's Saturday afternoon, it's Autumn, it's sunny and Leeanna and Ziggy's 13 guests make their way down a grassy path at the South end of Coogee headland, to one of the most secluded oceanside locations in Sydney's Eastern suburbs, one just a couple of kilometres from where Ziggy and Leeanna live. And even though the temperature on my phone reads 29 degrees, the most perfect of Autumn breezes cools everybody just enough to take the edge off. In other words, it was the kind of weather that would compliment the wedding - and the couple about to be married - perfectly.

Then, a few minutes later Leeanna and her dad come strolling down the same path to join us, and as their celebrant Tami begins to weave her beautiful story of their lives together, tears start to flow. Ziggy first (surprisingly, he later said...), then Leeanna, then their parents, grandparents, and admittedly, me as well. Because no matter how many weddings I photograph and how much I reassure myself i'm there to 'do my job', when presented with moments like these; moments of intimacy, tenderness and family connection, I can't help but feel like i'm a part of something momentous. Part of something larger than the sum of all the guests, outfits and details put together. Part of their love.

Saturday afternoon was special. With 13 guests watching on, Leeanna and Ziggy told each other some words, they put rings on each other's fingers, and they kissed. And that's all they needed. Because marriage can sometimes be as simple as that; just two best friends, two soul mates finding each other and setting off in search of the same horizon. 

Celebrant: Tami Sussman

Leeanna's dress: Marlene Harrison

Flowers: Miss Lucy Flowers

Hair: The Front Room

Makeup: Sonia Allen Makeup

Simon & Em | A Preview

Simon and Em's wedding was one of many elements; a perfect, Autumn day (after a week of iffy weather leading up to it), a whole lot of laughs, an equal number of tears, and most of all a huge amount of love from everyone who attended. During Em's speech she thanked everyone who came, but made an even more important point - that they are all part of a big ball of love...and I think that sums up Simon and Em's relationship in itself..surrounded by love. 

Here are a few photos from the day that was well and truly theirs...