Alex & Tim | Coogee

One day in October two of the happiest people I’ve ever met got married. Two people so clearly made for each other it was astounding. From the moment I met Alex and Tim I could see it, and on their wedding day, they radiated it.

A month before the wedding we met up for their pre-wedding shoot – rather early – at a headland slightly south of the headland at Coogee on which they were to be married. Afterwards we went to breakfast in Coogee and it was here that I learnt more about the way these two tick. They have a love of the outdoors. They both have PHDs. They’ve surfed together in Nicaragua. They took yoga classes in the room above the café where we were seated. They got to know one another on a 10-day work trip to the middle of nowhere where Tim was studying the mineral makeup of dried riverbeds and decided to throw a dead crustacean at Alex. And soon enough it felt like I was catching up with old friends rather than getting to know new ones. The warmth they have for life and each other was something special to watch, and to be a part of.

Tim and Alex’s wedding in October was one I’ll remember for a very long time. The limitless smiles and infectious happiness shared by these two are hard to describe in words. In fact, they really had to be felt to be understood. However I hope the following photos serve as a reminder to everyone who was there, and tell the story to everyone who wasn’t, as to just how special the day really was.