About Tristan - From Australia, Based in Girona, Spain

The Bow is the result of the person I am and all the experiences I’ve had. My grandfather was a photographer; my father was too, so it was only natural for me to pick up a camera to record what I see…

For as long as I’ve known the world, I’ve known what a fascinating thing it is to observe. How small we really are, yet how much emotion we can feel lies at the centre of my philosophy on taking photos; this is why I photograph weddings.

As a wedding photographer I’m witness to the most emotional day of people’s lives. Mothers laugh, fathers cry, sisters hug and once-young children converse with grandparents they haven’t seen in 15 years. A wedding day is never static; by being there I get to record everything that happens. I record moments rarely seen elsewhere. I record the details people might not see. I record real life.

When I come to photograph your wedding, I don’t move things and rearrange furniture. I’m not going to tell you to stop there, move here, smile, laugh. This is your wedding, not my photoshoot; I want to be a part of your day, not direct the day. What I can do, and what I aim to do, is capture the beauty of you, your family, your friends and your wedding day in the most honest way possible. The way you remember it, and the way you’ll always remember it. In photos that will last a lifetime.

If you like my photography and would like to meet, please get in touch. I’d love to hear your story.

– Tristan Cardew. Head Bowtographer.